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monthly Website PRICING PLANS

Silver Plan

200 $
*One year Contract Monthly Website Maintenance
  • 5 Stock Photos
  • 5 Website Pages
  • Google Friendly Sitemap
  • Client Training
  • Google Friendly Sitemap

Rose Plan

300 $
One Year monthly Website Maintenance*
  • 10 Stock Photos
  • 5 Website Pages
  • google Friendly Site Map
  • 2 Custom Contact Forms
  • Mobile Responsive
  • 2 Articles/Blogs
  • Client Training

Gold Plan

400 $
*one year Monthly Website Maintenance
  • Unlimited Stock Photos
  • 7 Website Pages
  • 4 Custom Forms
  • Google Friendly Sitemap
  • 2 Custom Contact Forms
  • Mobile Responsive
  • 2 Article/Blogs
  • Client Training
Custom Website Design

Custom Website Design

Custom website design can greatly benefit businesses large and small. It allows companies to create a unique digital experience that expresses their brand and resonates with potential customers.

With the help of an experienced web designer, you can make sure your website serves your desired purpose - to attract, retain, and engage customers.

Moreover, a custom designed website will be more flexible and future proof than using a standard website template, giving you the ability to easily update content as your needs evolve.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important practice to ensure visibility and success on the internet. By strategically optimizing content, businesses can increase organic search rankings, increase website traffic, and ultimately convert more customers.

Understanding the basics of SEO helps businesses to gain maximum visibility even when competition is tough. With careful research and a well-developed strategy, businesses can create an effective presence so that their websites rank higher in search engine results pages.

Good SEO practices will be sure to produce good results for any business that takes advantage of them.

Why Hire Us

Why Hire Us?

At SEO Web Design Cafe, LLC, we are passionate about helping businesses grow. We offer our clients comprehensive services in SEO and website maintenance that ensure flexibility and adaptability in our strategies, allowing us to tailor them to the individual needs of each business.

Our mission is to increase online visibility, reach new users, and maximize engagement with professional search engine optimization tactics that can get you seen by the right people. Through our website maintenance services, we are able to quickly address issues that affect user experience, ensuring your website stays up-to-date with technological advancements and improved performance.

When you hire us to help you create success online, we take pride in knowing that you and your business have made a wise choice.

SEO Web Design LLC

Our Vision

Our Vision is simple. We want to not only meet our partners expectations, we want to far exceed them. Our goal is to create an ongoing relationship built on trust, superior customer support and expansive web experience with each partner we have.



Read what some of our clients have to say.

Website Client A Plus Pet Sitting

Great Web Development, Web Design & SEO

"Words cannot begin to express how impressed I am with Phoenix and Netphoria Inc. My website went from really good (she did the original one) to absolutely stunning.

She understands that this is more than just a website...this is my life, this is me, on a page, you go to this website and you get me, you understand how important this business is to it's owner through this site, by the words and pictures and care that was put into it.

Everyone who has seen this site has been so complimentary on the new design and have stated how easy it is to navigate around it. It's unique and different...again, like me and my company.

It makes me smile every time I look at it.”
Jeanne Cairns

Phoenix Page has been a pleasure to work with

Her passion for her work is inspiring. Phoenix approaches each new effort with enthusiasm and energy.

I am constantly amazed at her depth of knowledge of web design in general and the WordPress web tools in particular. She is never afraid the admit she does know something, and always willing and eager to seek out the answers.

Phoenix listens carefully to ideas and suggestions from others - she has a talent for taking a raw idea and adding just the right touches to make it great.

Phoenix has been a huge asset to our projects. We have accomplished great things because of Phoenix's abilities and dedication. She has earned the trust and respect of IT staff and end users alike.”
Jim Kaeder

Phoenix Rocks

Phoenix has played an integral part in the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene’s (WSLH) website redesign. The WSLH is a complex organization with multiple divisions/services and customer groups. This requires a large website covering many different types of information.

Phoenix joined the redesign project mid-stream, and the transition from the previous web designer was seamless. She built upon design elements and navigation already approved, while also making design enhancements of her own. She is swift to respond to requests and thoughtful in considering multiple points of view before making a recommendation.

Now that the site has launched, Phoenix continues to play an important role in developing style guides and training information for content managers. I would recommend Jessica as a web designer for any organization.”
Janet Klawitter