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Organic(SEO) Search Engine Optimization

With over 15 years of website design, development and copy-writing, we have also worked with Organic SEO. Providing our website clients with top-rate organic search results that surpass their competitors. Click the link below to learn more about our Organic SEO Services.

Monthly Website Protection & Maintenance

The simple fact is that technology changes so quickly if we are not on top of it, we fall behind in the game. We offer Website Maintenance Packages designed specifically for each client. These days, if you are not updating your site regularly, you will fall behind and become vulnerable to hackers attacks. Our Monthly Maintenance programs are the answer.

*FREE Website Find Out How!

Explore our products to learn more about your insurance options, and receive a quote within minutes.

Photo Restoration

Old Photos have become treasured heirlooms in a day of digital everything. If you have a photo in need of restoration, contact us today for a free consultation. We restore old photos and damaged photos as well as colorization of black and white or tinted photos. Whatever your photo restoration needs are, we can help.

Dog Walker

Great Web Development,
Web Design & SEO

Words cannot begin to express how impressed I am with SEO Web Design Café. My website went from really good (Phoenix did the original one) to absolutely stunning.

She understands that this is more than just a website…this is my life, this is me, on a page, you go to this website and you get me, you understand how important this business is to its owner through this site, by the words and pictures and care that was put into it.

Everyone who has seen this site has been so complimentary of the new design and has stated how easy it is to navigate around it. It’s unique and different…again, like me and my company.

It makes me smile every time I look at it.

Jeanne Carins

Owner A-Plus Pet Sitting

Happy Clients

A pleasure to work with…

SEO Web Design Café has been a pleasure to work with. Phoenix, the owner shows her passion for her work and it is inspiring. Phoenix approaches each new effort with enthusiasm and energy.

I am constantly amazed at her depth of knowledge of web design in general and the WordPress web tools in particular. She is never afraid to admit she does know something and is always willing and eager to seek out the answers. Phoenix listens carefully to ideas and suggestions from others – she has a talent for taking a raw idea and adding just the right touches to make it great. Phoenix has been a huge asset to our projects. We have accomplished great things because of Phoenix’s abilities and dedication. She has earned the trust and respect of IT staff and end-users alike….

Jim Kaeder

Senior Project Management Professional

Dave Lass

Works tirelessly until a job is done.

Phoenix is a hard worker who works tirelessly until a job is done. At the time I worked with Phoenix she was just starting to learn web development and I was amazed how she absorbed the new information quickly and could move the information she read into action. She is always looking to learn new things and enjoys improving her skills.

Dave Lass

System Engineer John Health Tech North America

Who are we really?

We are a provider of Organic Search Engine Optimization, (If you want paid ads, we can help you by using our partners.) Website Developer, Website Designer, Logo Creator, Copywriter, Web Hosting, Domain Names, and basically everything else you need to build an online empire. Our services go above and beyond our competitors.

Our marketing designs, brochures, social media images, and website designs are clean and elegant, or crazy and colorful depending on your branding needs. Our goal is not only to grow your online presence by building your online brand, but we also want your website to stand out among your competitors. We will create a competitive and unique website for your business. We become your partner in building your business, our focus is on the website aspect of building a strong and trustworthy website presence, and yours is on building your business by doing what you do best.

Exceeding Expectations

Based in Madison WI, Phoenix, the owner of SEO Web Design Café LLC, has been working in the online world for over 20 years. 

Our goal is to interact personally with each client, creating, a long-lasting business partnership. You focus on building your business and we focus on building your online business presence so that you will get your ROI (Return on Investment).

We are much more flexible than other companies because we collaborate with other local American Businesses throughout the United States. Our projects are completed within a reasonable timeline, supported by documentation and a contract. We provide consistent and superior support. Basically, we rock.

If you have not had training as a web developer, you should hire an expert. When your sink is clogged you hire a plumber. If you have a business then you need a website. If you have a website, then you need to just hire a contractor. Because I can assure you will be ready after trying to grow, maintain or even build your website on your own. Why waste your time when you could be focusing n you business.

You will own your domain name, your hosting account, and your website. You will be able to edit your site. When the site is made live all of the information will be given to you.

Because you own the hosting plan, domain name, and website, you will have full access to everything when the project is complete.

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