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We originally hired Phoenix to be our office manager. But she always had the desire to be a web developer.

She taught herself web development outside of work and paid for classes at Madison College to increase her skills and began performing web development tasks at Netphoria. She worked herself up the ranks and eventually became our Senior Web Developer. Phoenix is a thoughtful, caring, and sharing person. She remembers special events like birthdays with cards and gifts. She also purchased software and other items at her own expense to make herself more productive.

Brian Thorson

CEO Netphoria Inc

Happy customers

David Steurwald

Phoenix has been a tremendous help in managing and updating our website (Unitedpavingco.com). This has included making improvements to content or design whenever we have needed them. We have had zero downtime since she began managing our site for us, and has made many improvements to the page over the last couple of years. We have no doubt that what she has done for our website has increased our organic search rankings, and really made our site look great and easy to use for our customers.

We would definitely recommend Phoenix to any company looking for help with their own website.

David Steuerwald

United Paving Company

Dog Walker

Great Web Development, Web Design & SEO

Words cannot begin to express how impressed I am with Phoenix and SEO Web Design Café. My website went from really good (she did the original one) to absolutely stunning.

She understands that this is more than just a website…this is my life, this is me, on a page, you go to this website and you get me, you understand how important this business is to its owner through this site, by the words and pictures and care that was put into it.

Everyone who has seen this site has been so complimentary of the new design and has stated how easy it is to navigate around it. It’s unique and different…again, like me and my company.

It makes me smile every time I look at it.

Jeanne Cairns

Owner of A Plus Pet Sitting

Josh Friant
Josh FriantSystems Programmer WSLH
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I've had the pleasure of working with Phoenix when she was training me to take over her WordPress, Web Design, and other related responsibilities. Phoenix always has a great attitude as well as extensive knowledge of the web development world. Being trained by her has been a pleasant experience and I have no doubt Phoenix will succeed wherever she goes.
Erin Bowles
Erin BowlesErin Bowles Clinical Laboratory Network Coordinator at Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene
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Phoenix is a great help to me in developing training event web pages. She also has worked with me to audiotape training events and post them on our website. She always responds quickly to my needs and has a positive upbeat attitude.
Jim Hermanson
Jim HermansonUser Support Specialist WSLH
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Phoenix is among the very most talented Web developers I've ever known. She is excited to take on new challenges and loves to learn new skills to apply to her work. She uses both Macs and PCs expertly. Phoenix brings in refreshing artistic styles. She did amazing work on our organization's Web site. Her attention to detail is remarkable. Phoenix is a pleasure to work with. She also carefully taught me how to record and edit podcasts for use on Mediasite.
Jim Kaeder
Jim KaederSenior Project Management Professional
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Phoenix Page has been a pleasure to work with. Her passion for her work is inspiring. Phoenix approaches each new effort with enthusiasm and energy. I am constantly amazed at her depth of knowledge of web design in general and the WordPress web tools in particular. She is never afraid to admit she does not know something and is always willing and eager to seek out the answers. Phoenix listens carefully to ideas and suggestions from others - she has a talent for taking a raw idea and adding just the right touches to make it great. Phoenix has been a huge asset to our projects. We have accomplished great things because of Phoenix's abilities and dedication. She has earned the trust and respect of IT staff and end-users alike.
Janet Klawitter
Janet KlawitterPublic Affairs Manager WSLH
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Phoenix has played an integral part in the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene’s (WSLH) website redesign. The WSLH is a complex organization with multiple divisions/services and customer groups. This requires a large website covering many different types of information. Phoenix joined the redesign project mid-stream, and the transition from the previous web designer was seamless. She built upon design elements and navigation already approved, while also making design enhancements of her own. She is swift to respond to requests and thoughtful in considering multiple points of view before making a recommendation. Now that the site has launched, Phoenix continues to play an important role in developing style guides and training information for content managers. I would recommend Phoenix as a web designer for any organization.
Allen Kahl
Allen KahlElectronic Technician at Department of Corrections
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Phoenix is an extremely talented Software Engineer, with huge knowledge of web development and how to adapt it effectively to corporate needs. She can find solutions to challenging problems very fast and implement them even faster. She has a great attitude and is a very reliable and valuable team player.
Marisa Maffia
Marisa MaffiaCreative At Apple
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Elegant, classy, & simple websites that are easy to navigate. Phoenix is a pleasure to work with. I have known her a very long time and we were paired for several projects in College. Her professionalism even back then was apparent. Phoenix cares about her work and you can see it in her web design.
Ron Kral, CPA
Ron Kral, CPAPartner at Kral University
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Phoenix has been instrumental in our website design and maintenance. She knows what she is doing and is prompt and a joy to work with.
Keri Soat
Keri Soathttps://www.linkedin.com/in/keri-soat-b577a950/?lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_profile_view_base%3BgHOfHE92S2W5NDSW3P5QtA%3D%3D
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Phoenix is very proficient in website design and editing. She has been extremely efficient and responds quickly to requests. She has a great sense of humor and I have enjoyed working with her.
Steve Carr
Steve CarrStrategic Communications
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John Doe
John Doe@username
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