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Customized Prints By Olga Spiegel

Studied For A Short Period At The Academie Royal Des Beaux Arts In Brussels And Then The St Martin School Of The Arts In London, Moved To New York Where She Established Her Career.

Her Work Has Evolved From The Abstract And Optical Influences Of The 1960s Through Later Study Of The Old Master’s Technique With Ernst Fuchs In Austria, To Her Current Unique Visionary Alphabet.

That Has Lately Included Computer, Digital Paintings. Spiegel’s Paintings Take The Viewer Into An Edgy Realm Of Realism And Unnamable Forms.

Her Point Of View Focuses On The Psychological And Chemical Interactions Of Form, Moods, And Settings.

These Interactions Bring Out Images Of A Universal Language, Reveal Spiritual Spaces, Mind Projections, And The Collective Unconscious In Touch With A Finer Network Of Galactic Nerve Her Work Has Shown In Galleries And Private Collections In Europe And America And Has Been Cited In Many Books And Publications.

In My Paintings, I Use Improvisation, Psychic Automatism, Free Flow Images And Color, Creating Associations To Uncover Mysterious Universe.

Ancient Icons , Space Age Imagery With Metaphysical Overtones Reveal An Evolutionary Flowering, Nature And Its Organisms Populated Into Myriad Of Forms.